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   Sunday Worship 



Our worship services seek to be a place that is welcoming to children (who make noise), those with special needs, and folks from diverse backgrounds.


a short guided time to connect with those seeking some community. Each week we will think about a question, share something from our lives, investigate a short passage of scripture, and pray for one another.

Daily Bible Study material from The Daily Quiet Time Guide (IVP)


Daily Bible Reading & Prayer


A Church seeking to serve God at the Crossroads

(county roads 480/553 btw Sawyer and Marquette) 

Sermon Texts

End of Lent, Palm Sunday, Easter Morning

Mar 17  The Hour Has Come                       John 12: 20-36

Mar 24   Your King?                                       Mark 15: 1-15

Mar 29   Good Friday Service  7pm

Mar 31   Easter: He Appeared to Us          1 Corinthians 15:1-11 


Apr 7      Trust God (end of Integrity Series)          Psalm 25*


Series: "Acts 13-19: God's Power Among People"

              *first Sunday of Month includes the Lord's Supper

Apr 14    Seize the Moment                         Acts 12:25-13:25

Apr 21    Shake the Dust & Move On         Acts 13:26-52

Apr 28    Persecution is Worth It!               Acts 14:1-28

May 5     A Jesus plus gospel                       Acts 15:1-12*

May 12   To Eat or not to Eat?                     Acts 15:13-34

May 19   He Opened Our Hearts               Acts 15:35-16:15

May 26   Freedom!                                       Acts 16:16-40

June 2     Receiving a Message                   Acts 17:1-15*

June 9     Reasoning in the Marketplace   Acts 17:16-34

June 16   Don't Be Afraid                             Acts 18:1-11

June 23   Being Persuaded                          Acts 18:12-28

June 30   Who Are You?                               Acts 19:1-16

July 7       Why are you Here?                      Acts 19:17-31               

101 Oakridge Drive   Marquette, MI  49855          (906) 236-9219          

Join us Sundays @ 10:30am        Coffee   10am

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